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         Flagstaff Bike Party

On May 28th a group of cyclists in Flagstaff, AZ (Flag Bike Party, a community bike group that promotes bicycle advocacy, community engagement, bicycle safety, and fun) was involved in a tragic accident with a tow truck that ran a red light through the middle of our monthly group bike ride. Five of our dear community members were severely injured and one cyclist passed away at the scene.

Community organizing for support, healing, and advocacy.

This website was created as of May 31st and is a work in progress. Check back in the coming days as we add spaces for updates from the families, a calendar of upcoming community events, a support directory, and more. Our community is strong and full of love, we will get through this together.

Go Fund Me

Sign The Petition!

Currently City Hall is looking to spend the majority of the budget on road expansion, this is a petition to implement and prioritize bike and pedestrian safety. Sign the petition to force the issue in council and make sure our voices are heard.

You Can Sign A Petition At Any Of These Local Businesses

Cosmic Cycles

Evolve Flagstaff

Kickstand Kafe


Tourist Home

Singletrack Bikes

Rainbow’s End

Aspen Sports

Pay N Take

Absolute Bikes

Western Post

A Dog’s Walk Bakery

E Bikes of Flagstaff Flagstaff

Bike Rev



Peace Surplus

Flag Brew

Mountain Sports

Dark Sky Brewing

Wheeler Park 2-6pm


How to Support

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support that has been offered at a local, state, and national level. We are currently organizing community members to maximize our impact. Our goal is to support the victims immediately, as well as organize for upcoming legislative pushes for bike infrastructure and distracted driving enforcement. If you are interested in supporting Flagstaff Bike Party and staying up to date with events, fill out the form below. 

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